I like my travels to be a good mix of sightseeing, relaxing (which includes eating, drinking, and people watching), and activities.  I'm using these last days before the trip to plan some activities.

Both Copenhagen and Stockholm are great cities for biking, and I'm looking into some options for bike tours.  I reserved a spot on a bike tour in Copenhagen, and I've inquired about a Bike Hike (caution: crappy web site) through Djurgården in Stockholm.  Depending on the timing, I would like to rent a bike on Æro too.

Bike with Mike (and Rick) in Copenhagen
I haven't done a lot of biking recently.  Last time I rode my bike, I ended up with some knee pain afterwards, so I need to be careful.  I'm hoping the weather will be nice this weekend so I can take a few practice rides.

Another activity I'm looking into is hot air balloon flights.  I checked into one company in Stockholm, but you have to buy a non-refundable ticket in order to make a reservation, and if they cancel due to inclement weather, you're stuck with your ticket.  So I found a company in Helsinki that does it as well, and Mary and I are going to see if we can make that happen.

I have to remember to leave some days open for day trips.  Most of the excursions I'm considering from Copenhagen are close enough that I could do them in half a day or even less.  Still, I only have two full days in Copenhagen, so there's not a lot of time for extra activities.  My big day trip from Stockholm, to Uppsala, Sigtuna, and Skokloster Castle, will probably be a long day.  Same with a trip from Helsinki to Turku and Naantali.