One week

I've been planning this trip for so long, it's kind of sad to realize that it's about to happen, and then I won't be able to look forward to it anymore.

Not really!  I'm excited!  And I realized that the joy of having something to look forward to is something I'm just going to have to make a regular part of my life.  So when I'm back from my trip, I will start planning something else.  Whether that's another trip or a kitchen remodel or something else, I don't know yet.  But it will be something.

I did a twelve mile bike ride yesterday, and it was enjoyable, and my knees are fine, so I'm ready to hit the roads and bike paths of Copenhagen and Ærø and Stockholm.  And I got confirmation on the hot air balloon flight in Helsinki, which should be a real thrill.  I really can't think of anything I've failed to consider, so I guess I'm ready to go!

UPDATE: I thought of something I'd failed to consider: what to read while I'm traveling.  So I solved that problem.  I just bought two books for my Kindle: One Day I Will Write About This Place, by Binyavanga Wainaina, and The Art of Fielding, by Chad Harbach.  I'm not sure whether they'll be the kind of easy-to-put-down-and-pick-up-again books that are good for traveling, but I guess I'll find out.