Booking my ferry trips

I got my ferry reservations.  This should have been much easier than it was.

The easy one was my ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki on Viking Line.  Simple booking on line, done quickly.  I'm departing from Tallinn at 6pm on May 26, arriving at 8:30pm in Helsinki.  Should be a short walk, about half a kilometer, to the hotel.

Booking on Tallink/Silja for my trip from Stockholm to Tallinn was more complicated.  I went through the purchase path with no problem, but the site kept rejecting my credit card.  

I called the credit card company, and they said there was no problem with my account, and they had not denied any charges.  So the problem was with the ferry line, not the credit card.

I emailed them to report the problem.  They emailed me back and said I need to call the reservation line.  The number they gave me to call had a Finnish country code.  When I called I got a recording in Finnish that kept repeating over and over, so I hung up and emailed again asking how I could get through to an English-speaking rep, or if they could call me.  They replied with another number, this time with a Danish country code.  I got a long recording in Danish, but finally at the end of the recording it said, "For English, push 4."  And at last I got someone who spoke English.  I told her the situation and gave her the reservation number, which fortunately gave her all the details of my booking.  But then she had to ask her supervisor if it was okay to take my credit card information over the phone.  She put me on hold for a minute, and then came back to tell me she could do that, and the payment went through easily.  

So I'm all set on my ferries.

But right after that I got an email from my credit card company saying that there were some potentially fraudulent charges, and I should call them immediately to verify.  I think it's good that they do that, but I was glad when it was all done.