Planning my time in Tallinn

I'm getting ready to book my ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn, and as I've gone through the booking path on the Tallink Silja website, I come to a page where I can add on sightseeing in Tallinn.  I'm not sure I'll book anything through the ferry website, but it's got me thinking about whether have an organized tour and looking at some options.

The most appealing, based on their website, is Tallinn Traveler Tours.  They even have a free two-hour walking tour, or I can book a private tour for €30.

Another option is the Tallinn Official Sightseeing Tour, which includes 60 minutes on a bus and 90 minutes of walking for €20.

And there are bike tours, hop-on-hop-off bus tours, a pub crawl, audioguides, and lots more possibilities.

And it occurs to me I should be thinking about these same options for all the places I'm visiting.

So much planning still to do!