Ten things there is nothing better than

  1. Breakfast that includes fresh-baked bread, cheese, fresh-squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit, and a fried egg from a local farm.
  2. Saturday market in a delightful town that's laced with canals. 
  3. Walking through parts of the town that are normally mobbed with tourists early in the morning before there is a soul around. 
  4. Visiting one of the best small art museums anywhere, the Mauritshuis in The Hague.
  5. Seeing a painting of the delightful town, by its most famous resident, Johannes Vermeer, that is so beautiful and so brilliantly painted that it may actually be better than the real thing

  6. Being in that small town during an exhibit in a local museum that brings one of Vermeer's paintings home to the place he lived and worked. 
  7. Lunch of bread and cheese purchased from vendors at the local market and consumed on a bench overlooking a canal with hopeful ducks lingering nearby. 
  8. Finding not one,  not two,  but three beautiful vases to add to your collection, even if one of them is so exquisite that you buy it even though it is by far the most expensive vase to enter your collection.
  9. Walking through the town in the early evening to find small out-of-the-way sights you missed earlier.  
  10. Enjoying Indonesian food for dinner without thinking about how brutally the Dutch dealt with the local people there when they colonized it.