I bought this book today:

I hope I will get some value out of it.  And if you have been reading this blog, you must really hope I get some value out of it!

I like the Table of Contents:

  1. The Ultimate Souvenir
  2. Speed Journaling
  3. Journaling Outside the Box
  4. The Outer Journey
  5. Eluding Your Inner Censor
  6. The Joy of Culture Shock
  7. The Inner Journey
  8. Travel Journaling When You're Not Traveling
  9. "How Was Your Trip?"
  10. Empty Notebook Syndrome
I get the sense that there might be something to learn not just about improving my journaling skills specifically or even my writing skills in general, but also about the art of traveling.  One of the reasons I've enjoyed writing about my travels in the past is that it helps me enjoy the experience of the trip.  Maybe one of the benefits of reading this book will be to help me enjoy my travels even more.