I'm actually going places

My idea for a blog about travel as a concept didn't go very far.  I discovered that without actually going places, I don't have that much to say about going places.

So I've decided to rename my blog to "Going Places."  And it's going to be about places I actually go.

In the past I've created blogs for actual trips I've taken, and I've got a number of those.  (You can see them in the Blogroll at the bottom of the page.)  But going forward, I will plan to use this blog for all my future travels. [Note (July 2015): I have since merged all my previous travel blogs into this one.]

Coming up, I'll be posting about plans for my next vacation, two weeks in Oregon this fall.  I've already got tickets for five plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, and I'll be putting together an itinerary around that.  So check back to find out where I'm actually going!