Follow along!

I leave in three days!

I will be doing my best to blog daily while I'm gone, but full, exhausting days sometimes interfere, and frankly, full, exhausting days are more important than blogging.

I'm also going to try using a new app, Find Penguins, which lets me add "footprints" as I go. You can follow me there: You can also install the app on your phone. I'll share my footprints to Facebook, too.

Here's my travel plan, so you can check back for updates on the days that look most interesting.

My calendar from Planapple

Saturday 7 May

Depart SeaTac, 4:30 pm, Icelandair 680

Sunday 8 May

Arrive Keflavik, 06:45
Depart Keflavik, 07:40, Icelandair 554
Arrive Brussels Airport, 12:45
Train to Brussels center and spend a few hours exploring, then train to Ghent
Sleep in Ghent

Monday 9 May - Tuesday 10 May

Unscheduled days to explore Ghent and Bruges
Sleep in Ghent

Wednesday 11 May

Train to Brussels to see anything I missed on Sunday
Train to Antwerp
Sleep in Antwerp

Thursday 12 May

Unscheduled day to explore Antwerp
Sleep in Antwerp

Friday 13 May

Train to Rotterdam and spend a few hours exploring, then train to Delft

Saturday 14 May

Unscheduled day to explore Delft and The Hague

Sunday 15 May

Train to Leiden and spend a few hours exploring, then train to Amsterdam

Monday 16 May

Unscheduled day; possible day trip to Haarlem
Sleep in Amsterdam

Tuesday 17 May

Walking Tour, 10:30
Rest of the time to explore
Sleep in Amsterdam

Wednesday 18 May

Unscheduled day; possible day trip
Sleep in Amsterdam

Thursday 19 May

Rijksmuseum in the morning
Sleep in Amsterdam

Friday 20 May

Unscheduled day; possible day trip
Depart Schiphol Airport, 21:30, Norwegian Air Shuttle 1259
Arrive Oslo Airport, 23:15

Saturday 21 May

Unscheduled day
Sleep in Oslo

Sunday 22 May

Unscheduled day
Dinner at Solsiden, 20:30
Sleep in Oslo

Monday 23 May

Unscheduled day; possible day trip
Sleep in Oslo

Tuesday 24 May

Train to Myrdal, depart 06:25, arrive 11:48
The Flåm Railway: Myrdal - Flåm, depart 12:13, arrive 13:10
Express Boat: Flåm - Balestrand, depart 15:30, arrive 16:55

Wednesday 25 May

Rental car for the day to explore scenery around Balestrand
Sleep in Balestrand

Thursday 26 May

Express boat: Balestrand - Bergen, depart 07:50, arrive 11:50
Rest of day unscheduled

Friday 27 May

Rest of day unscheduled
Sleep in Bergen

Saturday 28 May

Unscheduled time in Bergen
Depart Bergen Airport, 15:45, SAS 4164
Arrive Trondheim Airport, 16:45

Sunday 29 May

Unscheduled time in Trondheim
Sleep in Trondheim

Monday 30 May

Unscheduled morning in Trondheim
Depart Trondheim Airport, 14:55, Icelandair 326
Arrive Keflavik, 15:25
Depart Keflavik, 17:00, Icelandair 681
Arrive SeaTac, 5:45 pm