Southwest Road Trip, Day 0: Seattle to SeaTac

I'm at the Red Roof Inn in SeaTac. I have a clean, modern, generic room, which is better than I might have hoped for.

I have a 5 am wake-up call set for tomorrow morning, and I can either walk or take a shuttle to the airport.

I took the light rail down here directly from work this afternoon. For reasons that will forever be a mystery to me, I decided to wait to have dinner until I got here, rather than choosing from one of the hundreds of choices downtown. It turned out to be a foolish plan, because the options were Denny's or the Pan-Asian restaurant at the neighboring Ramada. I opted for Pan-Asian, and it actually wasn't too bad, but I could have eaten at Wild Ginger...

While I was walking to dinner along International Boulevard, I noticed that there is a cemetery adjacent to the airport. Isn't that convenient? Now we know, if there is a plane crash at SeaTac, where they will bury the survivors.

I should be more excited, but after being sick last week and still dealing with a lingering cough, plus ongoing knee pain when walking after banging my knee a few weeks ago, I've been concerned that I won't be as physically ready for this trip as I hoped. After I hiked up Tiger Mountain a month ago, I was planning to do that a few more times, but first weather and then my illness and my knee pain put the kibosh on those plans.

I went to the doctor today and I got a spot injection of cortisone in my knee, plus he gave me a prescription for Symbicort to help combat the cough. I am hoping I'll be back to top form in time to enjoy some rigorous hiking at the Grand Canyon on Saturday. 

I also got a haircut after work, so I am ready!