Cannon Beach to Myrtle Point

I'm afraid I only have a handful of photos today.  I took over 100 pics on the drive down the coast, and they're all worthy of posting, but the internet connection where I'm staying is extremely limited.  I will update this post later with more pics.

I woke up early this morning and found that there was only a trickle of water.  I went upstairs to my hosts and knocked on the door, but I got no response.  So I just brushed my teeth with what little water there was, packed, and went without a shower.  After I'd packed up the car, I heard a toilet flush upstairs, and I checked, and the water was restored.  But I decided to just go.  I knocked on the hosts' door again and Prudence came and said hi, and was very contrite.  Later on this afternoon I got an email from them offering a partial refund, which I thought was very nice.

The trip down the coast was on-and-off rain, and unlike yesterday, when it rained all morning and then the sun came out, today it was overcast all day long. 

My first stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  No formal tour, just watch through windows.  And the best part is the free samples at the end.

I hit the worst of the rain right when I got to my next stop, Cape Meares.  I took my umbrella and went to see the lighthouse anyway. 

And then I waited out the rain for a half hour or so, because I just had to go see the Octopus Tree.  Not that it mattered much, because my shoes and socks were soaked.

It was so worth the wait.

I drove on along the coast, eventually stopping to change into dry footwear, and I stopped frequently to take photos.  For right now, though, here are just a few highlights.

I can't remember where this was... somewhere south of Neskowin

Lighthouse at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Otter Crest Loop

Devil's Churn at Cape Perpetua

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Banana Slug
It was supposed to be about five hours driving time without stops from Cannon Beach to Myrtle Point.  I left at 7:30 this morning, and wanted to arrive by 6:00 p.m., so I figured that gave me a lot of time to stop, take detours, and linger where I wanted to linger.  But in the end, I was rushed, and I had to pass up a number of stops.  If it had been a clear day, I would have lingered even longer, and I would have been even more rushed.

Where I'm staying is an organic farm in the middle of nowhere, about 45 minutes southeast from Coos Bay on a series of winding roads.  The address is Myrtle Point, but I don't think we're really very close to that town.  Dave and Leena are very friendly.  Dinner was provided (for an additional fee), and it was all homegrown, fresh ingredients: stuffed peppers, fresh salsa and bean dip with chips, steamed broccoli and greens, fresh goat cheese from their goats, salad with cucumber, lettuce, and edible flowers, and for dessert, a homemade carrot cake.  I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow (also for an additional fee) -- fresh eggs from their chickens!

I'm actually staying in their house (unlike my Cannon Beach lodging, which was a private apartment connected to the house).  It's charming and funky.  My room is very comfortable, with a deck right outside.

Mileage today: 250.

Tomorrow I'll head back to Coos Bay to explore the dunes, and then I'll drive south along the coast to Bandon and beyond.