On day three of my Oregon road trip I'll be driving down the coast from Cannon Beach to Coos Bay, then cutting in from the coast about 35 miles east to where I'm staying.  According to Google maps, it's about an hour drive back to the coast to Bandon, which a coworker tells me is one of the nicest towns on the Oregon coast.

He was also good enough to share some must-see destinations in and around Bandon.

Bandon Dunes is a golf resort which he says is definitely worth a drive-through.

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint looks pretty impressive.


He says I can get great fish and chips and clam chowder here:

And Port Orfords Head State Park has some great views.

And I love lighthouses, so I'll have to be sure to visit this one.

I'm only five weeks away from leaving.  And I'm getting excited!