After Ashland

Somehow, I've managed to nail down the second half of my Oregon itinerary.  It'll be two nights in Bend, two nights in Fossil, and two nights in Hood River.

Actually, I won't be staying in any of those towns.

My first two nights will be about ten minutes outside of Bend, at a house on the Deschutes River.

Then I will be staying at Wilson Ranches Retreat, about 3 miles northwest of the tiny town of Fossil.

And from there I actually head across the Columbia River from Hood River, to a cabin outside White Salmon, Washington.

After I leave White Salmon, I'll follow the Columbia River Gorge Highway into Portland, and either spend my last night there or head back to Seattle.

There's not much left to plan.  I'll try to wing it as much as I can while I'm on the road.