More changes

Let me just start this post by saying, for the first time, I'm going on vacation next month!  Happy April!

The B&B where I was booked in Stockholm had a lot of positive reviews on, but recently I saw some reviews that mentioned "a really really bad smell in the bathroom."  I emailed the host and asked if this would be rectified by the time I am there, and he replied:
i hope so, i have claimed about this to the owner of the building.
It was a smell from repairing pipe of the building.
The bathroom is always very clean, the smell comes from under.
I didn't find this especially reassuring, so I went back to airbnb and looked for another place to stay.

All my research led me to look for a location in Södermalm, and I found what looks like a wonderful place in a great location, a neighborhood called Nytorget.  It's an entire apartment, listed as "cozy, which is perfect."

The owner has been very friendly in his communications and I'm really happy this has worked out.  It is a bit more expensive than the previous location, but still very reasonable, and I got a full refund from the other place (minus a $30 booking fee from airbnb, which I've asked them to refund given the reasons for the change).