Blogging my trip

My plan has been to continue this blog during my trip, evolving it from a planning blog to a trip journal with photos.  But I've been looking at some alternatives.

I've found two apps for the iPhone that will track my actual travels, allow me to check in at a specific location, include photos and text, and do this all offline, then allowing me to sync up when I have an internet connection.  One is HipGeo, the other MobilyTrip. They are very similar. Both are a little quirky, and I am afraid I'd spend more time in the app than I would spend enjoying my trip.  They both allow uploading photos from the computer (so I could add photos from my camera after the trip), but you can't link to a photo that's stored in a different location, so I wouldn't be able to post my photos in my Google albums.

And although the trip tracking feature is very cool, it uses a lot of battery.

So even though these other apps have a higher coolness factor than blogspot, I'm currently leaning toward sticking with the thing I know and trust.  So you probably won't get maps showing my travel routes.  Just text and photos.

Can you deal with that?