The benefits of early planning

Today I got a message from the hosts of the place I booked in Copenhagen.  They had to cancel my stay.

I simultaneously got an email from telling me about the cancellation and providing a full credit plus $50.  So I went back to looking for a place.

As it turns out, before I booked with Julie and Nikolai, I had inquired about another location, but the host, Ivan, said he was unsure about the availability so far in advance.  So this morning I contact Ivan again, and although he only had two of the three nights open on his calendar, he opened it for the third night so I could stay there.

In so many ways I think it's a better option.  The apartment looks fabulous, the location is good, and Ivan is half of a gay couple in their 40s who are raising a 12-year-old son part-time.

So what started out as a bad bit of news this morning has turned out to be a great turn of events!