My To-Do List

I leave eight weeks from today.  There's really not much planning left to do.  Actually, I'm pretty sure there's no planning left to do.

What I need to do is put together my trip details in a useful way to take with me.  I have to print vouchers for some things I've paid for in advance.  I need to make some confirmation emails and phone calls, arrange for late arrivals, figure out which trains will require reservations (which I can only make when I'm over there), and organize everything for ease of travel.  I have to make sure I have instructions on how to get from airport or train station or ferry terminal to where I'm staying at each location.  Lots of little things like that.  It won't take long, but I don't want to put it off until the last minute, and I don't want to spend a lot of time while I'm there figuring that stuff out -- I just want to do it.

Yeah, I'm a planner.  It would be cool to do a trip where I have no plans and just make it up as I go, but this won't be that trip.

There's not much I still need to get for the trip.  I'm shopping for a Bluetooth keyboard I can use with my iPhone.  The iGo Stowaway has good reviews but is expensive at $180.  Other options are the Freedom Pro ($100) or i-Connex ($70), the QQ-Tech ($40) and the Verbatim ($55).  Other than that, I think I've got everything I need.

So I probably won't have many more blog posts before I leave.