Stockholm day trips

Before I can get my rail pass, I need to figure out how many train trips I'm going to be taking, and where, so I can get the best deal.  It might pay to buy some individual train trips separately rather than adding days to my rail pass.

I've already found the likely day trips from Helsinki, but the only day trip I've given any thought to from Stockholm is to Uppsala.  Today I discovered the following on the Frommer's web site:

Some of Sweden's best-known attractions are clustered around Lake Mälaren, including the centuries-old villages and castles of Uppsala and Gripsholm that revive the pomp and glory of the 16th-century Vasa dynasty. You can spend a very busy day exploring Sigtuna, Skokloster Castle, Uppsala, and Gamla Uppsala, and stay overnight in Sigtuna or Uppsala, where there are good hotels. Another easy day trip is to Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred or Tullgarn Palace.

The boat trip from Klara Mälarstrand in Stockholm is justifiably popular. It leaves at 9:45am, goes along the beautiful waterway of Mälaren and the Fyris River to Sigtuna -- where it stops for 2 hours -- and arrives at Uppsala at 5pm. Here you can visit the cathedral and other sights, dine, and then take the 45-minute train trip back to Stockholm. Trains run daily every hour until 11pm.

That boat trip sounds really nice, so I will look into that, but it might be summer-only, so I'm not sure if it'll run in May.  Still, Sigtuna and Skokloster Castle are on the route between Stockholm and Uppsala, so I could easily do all of that by train in one day.  That's just something I need to figure out before I can get my rail pass.


Hi again! Just wanted to chime in and recommend seeing the Vasa Museum while you're in Stockholm. It is absolutely fascinating that they were able to find and reconstruct the enormous ship, and the museum itself is also incredibly well-designed: beautiful, educational, and entertaining. Don't miss the short film in the beginning that explains the history and reconstruction of the ship. It's an epic story, and the museum exceeded my expectations by a long shot.