Travel School

Yesterday I went to travel school.

At Rick Steves' [N.B.: I've decided to defer to Rick on how to form the possessive of his name] Travel Center in Edmonds, they sponsor free travel classes provided by members of Rick's staff of guides and travel writers.  Last night they had one on Scandinavia, so I went after work.

The event was really more of a slideshow of Scandinavia's Greatest Hits than a class on planning a Scandinavian vacation, so I didn't get too many valuable pointers or ideas, but I did find it interesting and it definitely bumped my excitement level up a notch.  The slides were great and made me wish I were going to Norwegian fjord country as well.  Oh well, that'll have to be next trip.

Tomorrow there's another class I'm signed up for on Helsinki, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg.