My trip consultation

I met today with Paul at Europe Through the Back Door.  He gave me some good suggestions on how to divide up my 16 days between Copenhagen and Helsinki, and advised me on options for train travel - which kind of railpass, cost of individual trips vs. a pass, and distances and timing between destinations.

So here's the itinerary I think I'm going to go with:

Sunday, May 13Depart Seattle
Monday, May 14Arrive Copenhagen
Tuesday, May 15Copenhagen
Wednesday, May 16Copenhagen
Thursday, May 17Early train and ferry to Ærø
Friday, May 18Morning on Ærø, followed by ferry and train to Kalmar, Sweden
Saturday, May 19Kalmar
Sunday, May 20Train to Stockholm
Monday, May 21Stockholm
Tuesday, May 22Stockholm
Wednesday, May 23Stockholm
Thursday, May 24Day in Stockholm; overnight ferry to Talinn
Friday, May 25Talinn
Saturday, May 26Ferry to Helsinki
Sunday, May 27Helsinki
Monday, May 28Helsinki
Tuesday, May 29Helsinki
Wednesday, May 30Depart Helsinki

I might adjust things by a day here or there, but I think this is it.

Paul recommended a day trip to Uppsala while I'm in Stockholm and a daytrip to Turku and Naantali (or possibly an overnight in Turku) from Helsinki.  I am also going to look into the possibility of visiting Öland while I'm in Kalmar, although that would probably necessitate renting a car for the day.