More thoughts on my itinerary

I am conflicted by two contradictory desires: to see a lot, and to immerse myself in where I am.  I suppose this is a common challenge for travelers, and I guess all trips are a compromise between these two objectives.

I land in Copenhagen mid-day on May 14, and I fly out of Helsinki in the afternoon of May 30.  That gives me 15 full days with a half-day on either side for seeing things in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Estonia.

Part of me is attracted to the idea of spending all that time sleeping in no more than 4 places: Copenhagen, Æro, Stockholm, and Helsinki.  That would make Talinn a day trip, and it means skipping places that are beyond a day trip by train or bus or boat from the three major cities.  But it seems like there are plenty of day trips that are worthwhile.  Here are a few I've read about:
  • Malmö, Sweden (just across the bridge from Copenhagen)
  • Helsingør, Denmark (better known in the English-speaking world as Elsinore, home of Kronborg castle - the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet)
  • Roskilde, Denmark (famous for its cathedral and Viking ship museum)
  • Dragør, Denmark
  • Ven, Sweden (an island in the Øresund strait, which separates Denmark from Sweden) 
  • A cruise to any of the islands in the archipelago outside Stockholm
  • Gävle, Sweden
  • Porvoo, Finland
  • Tampere, Finland
  • Nuuksio National Park, Finland
  • Turku, Finland
There are lots more, but there's so much appeal to these places, and it would be so much easier than moving to new destinations every three days.