Sono in Firenze.

Forget the throngs. (Take San Gimignano and multiple by 1000.) And I donàt know why there is a need for a hundred different booths on the street selling the exact same belts, scarves, and T-shirts. None of that matters. I was here 5 minutes, just walking to my hotel from the bus, and tears came to my eyes. And that has happened repeatedly all afternoon. The entire city is a museum. There wonàt be many photos, because I canàt take pictures of everything, and most of it has been photographed a zillion times. (Enough hyperbole yet?)

Firenze è molto bello.

The place Iàm staying is lovely, charming, and just steps from the Duomo--perfectly situated in the midst of everything. And I donàt think it was as hot today.

Florence as seen from Piazza Michelangelo
This afternoon I went to two museums, and thereàll be a lot more before my time here is over. Iàm so glad I did Siena first, since coming here from there is like coming out of the Middle Ages right into the Renaissance. And the museums I went to today had early Michelangelo and mature Michelangelo sculptures; Iàm saving the best for last: David on Sunday.

So Iàm at an Internet spot in the Oltrarno (thatàs the part of Firenze across the Arno from the main part). Iàm enjoying a walk I am eager to get back to, so Iàm going to cut this short. I donàt know if I will blog again in Firenze, but keep checking back. Monday I head to Lucca, and Wednesday to the Cinque Terre, so I am sure thereàll be more to share.


Glad to finally get some updates. I had some Gelato yesterday to celebrate.

Thereàs actually a gelato place 3 blocks from my house. So I guess I donàt have to be homesick for Toscana when I am back in Seattle.

Ahh. Vicarious thrills. Thanks. Glad Firenze didn't disappoint. It is incredible. One of my fondest memories ever--watching fireworks over the Arno from the Ponte Vecchio.